Perfect Potion.

The brand Perfect Potion is an Australian based product and their head office is located in Banyo Queensland.

All of their products are made from beautiful natural ingredients and oils and most importantly are cruelty free. Their products range from facial creams, essential oils, body moisturisers and even oil vaporisers.

Every item I have purchased from them has lived up to do exactly what it is set out to do whether it be to make me relax, remove makeup or make me smell like a giant rose.

Products I have purchased:

  • Chill out Balm: This thick beautiful balm with a gorgeous peppermint scent claims to “chill out” whatever part of the body you put it on. I specifically use it for headaches, aching muscles and honestly at time I just put it on the back of my neck so I can smell the beautiful calming aroma. All of their balms only require a small amount so the jar will last you quite a while (winning). My Aunty started using this product after I bought it and she now uses it for her feet that tend to burn up and ache before she goes to bed. This balm is perfect for people that may suffer from headaches, muscle pain or if you simply just need to “chill out”. Usually around $14.


  • Relax Fragrance Mist/ Relax Balm: I work in hospitality so I tend to work a lot of late nights which means by the time I get home from work I am far from being relaxed enough to go straight to bed and most certainly not tired enough to go straight to sleep. I can honestly say that when I spray this mist above my pillow and rub a small amount of the balm on the back of my neck I may not fall asleep straight away but it makes me so much calmer in bed. Instead of not falling asleep for say 2 hours it may only take half of that, which is a remarkable difference. After a stressful day or night I couldn’t see myself using any other product. The scent is just gorgeous with calming smells of lavender, geranium and ylang ylang, I couldn’t recommend this for all you amazing stress heads (please stop stressing so much) any more.  Usually around $30 to $35 for both products.


  • Replenish Cleansing Milk: This cleansing milk has the sweet scents of lavender, frankincense and rose. It acts as a makeup remover and facial cleanser and I can say that it does just those. All that you need to do is massage a small amount over your face and then rinse it off with a wash cloth (yep that easy). You also have the option of using it as a eye makeup remover by using a small amount on an eye makeup pad and wiping away your eye makeup. This product makes my skin feel and smell divine and I know you will agree. Usually $3 for a 125 mL bottle.


  • Happy and Calm Essential Oil: My love for vaporising with essential oils has grown so much in the past year. I have been looking for a reliable brand of oil that is affordable for quite a while and then I came across these guys. This particular oil has the smell of sweet citrus and I constantly have it going (especially to get my Monday morning started). After I got this oil my friend fell in love and decided to do a little essential oil shop there also. They have such a large range of oils it doesn’t just end here I assure you. Oils range from $8 to around $20 depending on the oil.

I can’t recommend these products enough, but I strongly suggest you give all their other products a try also. They even have a range of herbal teas and who doesn’t love a good cuppa tea.

Here is their online shopping link:

But you can catch the awesome workers in person at these following stores:

Unknown.jpeg Unknown-1.jpeg Unknown-2.jpegUnknown-3.jpeg


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